The Video Sharing, Deep Tagging and Archiving Tool was developed by the Comparative Mind Database module of the CompCog ESF Research Networking Programme.

CompCog is an ESF Research Networking Programme titled “The Evolution of Social Cognition: Comparisons and integration across a wide range of human and non-human animal species”. The programme brings together 29 European laboratories from 11 countries that work cognition and behaviour as well as related fields of biology, social sciences and engineering. The network is financed by the Standing Committee for the Social Sciences and the Standing Committee for Life, Earth, and Environmental Sciences of the European Science Foundation.


Its general objective is to develop “real” comparative cognition across a wide range of vertebrate and invertebrate species (including humans) with coherent theoretical background, unified terminology and standard methods, and to make it transparent for and integrated with other fields, like social sciences, genetics, physiology, animal welfare, robotics, and so on.


CompCog supports workshops, conferences, lab visits and short term research visits on topics related to comparative cognition, and develops Comparative Mind Database. For further information visit and

The Comparative Mind Database supports the general objective of CompCog by using innovative, advanced information technologies and methods from philosophy of science, statistics, experimental design and data/text mining. Its envisioned components include: Web2.0 style computational tools and methods for data acquisition and description, procedures for data and text mining for conceptual analysis, specific ontologies for animal cognition, integrated tools for the design and analysis of experiments (DoE), and work towards the standards of experiments, their communication and evaluation. For further details click here.