Deep-tagging Short Manual


  1. Access the site
  2. Registration (if you don’t have any):
    • Click the "Create Account" link on the right side of the screen.
    • Fill out the fields than click the "Save" button.
    • Then you receive an email to the address you specified. To confirm that the address is valid, please click on the link contained in the email.
    • The administrator receives an email about the confirmation. Based on the data you supplied, the administrator accepts you.
    • If the administrator gives the full access permission, you receive a notification email and the registration process is finished.
  3. Log in to the site using your email address and password.

  4.  To upload a video:

    • Click on the "Upload video" menu item.
    • Select the video file (to be uploaded) on your machine.
    • Upload starts by accepting the selection.
    • When the uploading is finished, a form appears where you have to enter the title and a detailed description of the video.
    • Having completed the form, click on the "Save" button.
  5. To convert a video:

    • Input videos will be converted to the appropriate format.
    • It is an automatic process. All you have to do is to wait patiently till it ends.
    • Clicking on the "My videos" menu item, you can see the actual status of the uploaded video (converted, being converted now, conversion not yet started).
    • When the conversion is finished, the first frame of the video appears as the thumbnail of the video. (The thumbnail does not refresh unless you refresh your browser.
  6. Viewing of a video:

    • Click on the "My videos" menu item, then click on the link of a video.
  7. Editing a video:

    • Under "My videos" click on the "Actions" button beside the video to be edited. Select the "Edit video" menu item.

    • An editor window appears.

    • With the mouse you can drag and drop different annotations to the video.

    • You can select the annotations dragged to the video by clicking on them.

    • The selected annotations can be edited with the mouse or in the "Properties" panel.

    • Only stopped videos can be edited.

    • The "Timeline" panel indicates the time period when the annotation object will be visible during the replay of the video.

    • You can add files (pdf, ppt, etc) to the video by clicking the "Add Attachments" button. One file can be related to one moment of time, indicating that the file is relevant to a given part of the video.

    • You can add tags to the videos. The tags are usually one word expressions, or key words, whose purpose is to enable searching. Tags can be added to the video by clicking the "Add Tag" button on the "Bookmarks and Tags" panel.

    • You can add bookmarks to the video. The bookmarks ensure quick navigation within a video. It can be useful at a presentation for example. A bookmark can be added to the video by clicking the "Add Bookmark" button in the "Bookmarks and Tags" panel.

    • You can add objects (circles, ellipses, rectangles, lines, arrows, texts, polylines) to the video. Click on the object (in the Objects panel, top left) with the left mouse button and drag it to the video. The properties of the object can be edited in the properties panel left to the video panel. The polyline is a bit more complicated: drag it from the Objects panel to the video, then click where you want to place the consecutive points of the line, then press enter. And then you can edit its properties.

    • You can export a reference to an object added to the video by clicking on the Export reference button in the Properties panel. In the dialog that appears give a title to the reference. Press Export. The properties of the exported reference appear in a dialog. Copy and save the URL (the text after “Retrieved from”). After you finished editing your video and saved it you can enter this URL into the title bar of a browser and view the result.

    • Having finished edition (and advisably during edition) click on the "Save" button at the right bottom corner of the screen.

    • Without saving your work, changes disappear without any trace on leaving the editor!

    • The edited video can be viewed by clicking on the link of a video under "My videos".